Our philosophy

We are an online boutique for luxury and contemporary second hand and second season fashion!

Established in Zurich, Switzerland, PRELOVEDSTORY strives to offer a modern way of shopping preloved luxury online. We aim to consistently offer an unparalleled selection of 100% authenticated luxury and contemporary brands, for the modern urban woman who is always on the go.




You might not be the person who goes on bargain hunts on overcrowded flea markets and not so well-scented second-hand stores - but you always admire these girls that look so cool by combining vintage, luxury, contemporary brands and all just mixed so well.

Here at PRELOVEDSTORY we know that the modern woman wants to try new things and be free in her fashion expression. Life is a journey and we want to be free to express ourselves and discover new things. Therefore your wardrobe is not fixed – it is circular. Fashion redefined. Shop preloved and resell things that will sparkle joy to another person. Free up space in your wardrobe (and your mind), free up cash for new investments and do something good for the environment. To learn more, visit our "Sell With Us" section. 


There are many reasons, first, of course because this planet is overloaded with fashion and many designers are working on new collections with designs from their archives. So why not take the shortcut and buy the original piece at a fair price?


Our goal at PRELOVEDSTORY is to offer pre-owned pieces that are carefully curated – be it vintage, contemporary designers or luxury pieces. Whether you are looking for a statement piece or simply inspiration, this is the place. Likewise, if you are looking to sell your iconic pieces, we are here for you.

Our processes are simple and transparent and our customer service is here for you. We authenticate and quality check every piece. For us, authentication is about more than expertise; it offers a fascinating insight into the history of fashion and the craftsmanship involved in production.


Because our lives are constantly changing, situations and moods are changing... 

Circular is not a new word but we truly believe that a circular wardrobe is sustainable in every way. Not only for the environment but also for your soul – as a seller, you do not need to keep things that no longer serve you and as a buyer, you can discover new treasures that are no longer available or for a lower price point.
Last but not least, buying and selling pre-owned items is fun!


Beatriz is passionate about circular and vintage fashion. Raised in the cosmopolitan city of São Paulo by her Swiss-Austrian descendant parents, Beatriz blames her fashion obsession on the numerous hours spent watching classic Hollywood movies featuring muses such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and her francophone fascination with muses such as Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, Françoise Hardy and of course Coco Chanel. Beatriz thinks that everyone should wear only what they truly love in every moment of their lives. "Sharing is caring" and if it no longer serves you, pass it on - someone else might have been looking for that statement piece for years! Express yourself to the fullest, no matter what phase in life. We are here to discover ourselves and never settle – be all you can be, always.

We guarantee the authenticity of each piece
and only sell what we love.

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